AMAZONNE Progressive Rock/Celtic Folk Band

Perryn Butler, Gaynor Colbourn, Holly Robinson,
Tom Bryant, Mike Forwood and Oliver Fecci-Chiffi and backing singers, Louise Hales and Chris Flowers


Amazonne now have a big fan base all over the UK and Europe, with followers in USA, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, America, Japan ----------------------- everywhere now!!!

Perryn Butler has been a singer and guitarist for all her working life. Her work has taken her all over the British Isles, playing with bands as well as being a solo artist. She concentrated on playing traditional folk songs in the folk clubs and venues, where she sang and played guitar on her own. Her voice is very rich, and she is able to sing in any style with enormous conviction. She and Gaynor have been writing and performing together for 25 years, so a very experienced as well as accomplished partnership.

Gaynor Colbourn is a classically trained pianist, and the composer of the bulk of the music alongside Perryn for Amazonne.  She is the producer and sound engineer for all the music which they both write and the whole band perform. Gaynor qualified as a Classical Pianist, but went straight on the road with a heavy rock band called Fusion, learning the ropes the hard way. She enjoyed several years of this, before becoming a session musician and composer.
She is known as a Keyboard Wizard, and has a very well respected reputation as a superb session musician who can play any style with ease.
Currently, as well as working with Amazonne, Gaynor is Lecturing around the UK, running Clinics, and creating competition music for Dressage to Music, and Perryn is an Internationally renowned sculptor. Their Musical, The Fire of London was a huge success, and is shortly to move to a regional theatre prior to hitting London
Tom Bryant.  on drums and percussion gives a full and contemporary sound. Tom has added a new element to the band, his training in all areas and his excellent reading skills, allowing Amazonne to perform a real cross-over of Rock, Folk and Metal, with the Symphonic Rock slant. A very meaty sound and melodic!. Tom, is an all rounder, who has trained, has played in orchetsras, bands and recorded all types of music.  He uses a large kit integrating Doumbak, Djembe, Bongos, 3 snares, gong and Yamaha Wavedrums. 
Mike Forwood. Mike is a terrifically talented bass guitarist, with a wealth of experience playing in many different bands over the years and an experienced sound and outside broadcast engineer working in Radio. He is Amazonne's rock, working very closely with Tom, giving that deep sound everyone expects from Amazonne. 
Holly Robinson. As a classically trained Fiddler coming from a Folk background, Holly has risen to the challege of playing cross over Folk, Rock, Metal and Musical Theatre.  She and Oliver play terrific dual solos together, giving yet another unique sound to Amazonne. One minute she'll be playing a folk solo, next, Metal Fiddle, so her versatility grows all the time. The three fiddles she plays are very different, the Octave fiddle suits the rock and metal, the traditional fiddle is a lighter more delicate sound, so she uses it for more traditional sections, and the rare 5 string fiddle also made by Tom Phillips, crosses between all three..
Oliver Fecci-Chiffi. A very talented guitarist who has risen to challenge of mastering the techniques demanded from such complex music. He works very closely with Holly, often doing dual solos with her, and also giving the distinctive Amazonne chug with Tom and Mike. Oli can also play very sensitively, echoing the more gentle songs, so a guitarist of broad experience. 
Louise Hales. A classically trained Soprano, who has performed with many choirs, in Musical Theatre and Operas in Wales. Lou is embracing singing much heavier music now, and her harmonies bring another element to the songs, as well as lead vocals in a couple of songs.
Chris Flowers. He has a tenor range, and apart from singing in various rock bands, is an accomplished actor. Chris has added another depth to the songs, which now have superb 4 part hamonies. Chris sings lead vocals on a couple of songs as well.